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Peter C. Williams is an experienced and highly skilled change consultant in the European Financial Services industry. Peter has used his 20 years of commercial experience to write a number of technical books, which provides the reader with practical advice based on experience rather than theory. Peter’s unique writing style and approach are fun, and he often tackles difficult and complex subjects, making them much easier to understand.

Peter has a diverse skill set, of which includes a strong range of delivery and analytical skills, coupled with a proven track record in driving and delivering multi-million dollar projects (regulatory, separation, divestment, integration and transformation programmes). Peter is an experienced problem solver in a change management environment, including process automation, organisational re-designs activities and much more.

More about me…

In the 20 years that I have been working, I have been very fortunate with regards to where I have worked and what I have had the opportunity to do.  I have a varied background, in which includes working as an analyst within a systems department for a large FTSE 100 company to delivering complex life and pension products within the European markets.


In the way that I work, I am fortunate to have a unique perspective, often being able to analyse situations from a variety of different angles and come up with solutions that are outside of the box.  I am able to do this, given my vast and varied background and experiences from the different roles I have performed within the business, project and delivery spectrums. 


I am flexible, adaptable and I approach whatever I am working on, with enthusiasm, commitment and endeavour to deliver top quality solutions that meet the customer’s expectations.  Working within the heavily regulated financial services industry has meant that in the past, I have often worked on complex regulatory projects in which the project’s aim and objectives were not always immediately known or understood, these experiences have culminated in a delivery approach that is both adaptable and yields results.


If you would like to learn more about me, why not get in touch. Alternatively, I have created a number of questions and answers designed to help you get to know me better.


Learn more about my career history, where I have worked and what I had done


Get to know me better by reading a number of questions and answers about my career and personality
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